CryptoParty 2023!
November 13, 2023

On October 21st, another edition of CryptoParty was held in Quito, Ecuador as part of the series of events to celebrate World Encryption Day.

CryptoParties are free and decentralized initiatives all over the world that aim to promote the use of technologies that incorporate cryptography, as a fundamental component, for the protection of the privacy, security and integrity of our communications.

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CAD, altogether with the “Ulises Estrella” National Cinematheque of Ecuador organized an event to promote the use of tools for the protection of privacy and security, in addition to raising awareness about our rights in the digital sphere.

We wanted to do something different for this edition of the CryptoParty, considering the great support that the Cinematheque gave us and that is why we included the screening of the documentary “The Social Dilemma” by Jeff Orlowski followed by a talk where we talked about the detrimental impact that social media has on our lives. In addition to that, throughout the day, a series of films that are part of the invaluable archive preserved by the National Cinematheque were screened as well.

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And of course, we had installation tables of tools that strengthen privacy and security. Specifically, we had tables to promote the use of: encrypted email using Thunderbird, private and anonymous browsing with Tor, password management with KeePassXC and private, secure and anonymous messaging with CoyIM.

An additional component in this CryptoParty was the discussion table about digital rights and personal data protection where we had the support of Milena Mora, a lawyer specialized in the subject, who helped us understand in detail the current regulatory framework in Ecuador and the world and how these regulations have a direct impact on the way we interact with technology.

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The event definitely exceeded our expectations in terms of attendance and audience participation and for this reason we feel very grateful and excited, as it is clear that general interest in privacy and security is on the rise.

We expect to continue organizing events like this in the future and, in the same way, we hope that more people will replicate these decentralized and self-managed initiatives for the benefit of more and more diverse communities.

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