PrivaciQ - first edition

PrivaciQ - first edition
March 18, 2023

On March 18th, the first edition of PrivaciQ was held. PrivaciQ is an event that aims to bring the discussion on human rights in the digital sphere closer to the general population and, on the other hand, contribute to strengthening the digital autonomy of citizens through the use of open source and free software tools for the protection of privacy and security.

This edition was organized by CAD, the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences (FCSH) of Universidad Central del Ecuador, Derechos Digitales, The Tor Project and Openlab.

The visit of members of The Tor Project to Ecuador was the perfect opportunity to organize a public access event where the different activities revolved around privacy as a human right. In this sense, the talks, forums and practical workshops were prepared, without losing sight of that approach. The speakers made their contributions from sociological, feminist, digital security, open science, anonymity and defense of digital rights perspectives.

CAD participated in this opportunity with two activities: the forum on “Criminalization of the use of technology” together with representatives of INREDH, the FCSH of Universidad Central del Ecuador and the moderation of the journalist Yadira Aguagallo and the practical workshop “Circumvent censorship: Create your blog using Tor Onion Services”, by our colleague Fausto Lagos.

We were very happy to see the great participation and interest of the attendees, considering that one of the main goals of the event was to move discussions related to privacy and security away from predominantly technical spaces.

It is precisely this fact the thing that motivates us to continue planning future editions of PrivaciQ together with public education institutions, since it is precisely there where change happens.