CAD at the 18th edition of FLISoL Quito

CAD at the 18<sup>th</sup> edition of FLISoL Quito
June 29, 2022

On June 4th, the eighteenth edition of the Latin American Free Software Installation Festival of Quito, an event of vital importance for education and sharing of Free Software, took place.

In a world where the hegemony of large corporations covers every millimeter of the production of goods and services, decentralized and free initiatives promoted from different strongholds become an essential alternative to face the private. Free Software is, by itself, a manifestation of resistance and empowerment of civil society. Having the possibility of using software with complete freedom; study it and modify it according to personal needs; distributing copies with other users and haring the improvements with the community are part of an exercise of freedom that pursues the common good.

CAD co-organized this year’s event together with the Openlab Ec. foundation motivated by our interest in the growth and strengthening of a flourishing community in different latitudes, which is why the collaboration and support of those who are part of it becomes essential in every way.

This year’s agenda consisted of talks, workshops and forums in which the central theme was always free software.

In this edition of FLISoL Quito, CAD participated in the event with three activities: the talk about “Technical Considerations for Privacy and Security in Free Software” by our colleague Ola Bini, the installation and use workshop of CoyIM v0.4 with our colleague Iván Jijón and finally, the panel about “Free Software in times of persecution” where Sara Zambrano shared space with journalists and colleagues who have followed the events related to the persecution against from our technical director and colleague, Ola Bini.

In conclusion, the eighteenth edition of FLISoL Quito was a space to meet old friends and also to meet new ones with whom we share a passion for non-proprietary and accessible software alternatives. This year the CAD was part of the efforts to organize this important event. Next year we hope that more organizations and comrades will join the initiative so that Free Software continues to gain ground strongly and the ties that bind us as a community become even tighter.

If you want to see our participation in the event, you can do it here:

Technical considerations for privacy and security in Free Software

Panel: Free Software in times of persecution

Workshop: CoyIM - Secure, private and anonymous chat