Help us build more privacy-enhancement tools for people!

We are looking for several developers to join us. We are looking for developers at different experience levels! Experience with security, privacy or cryptography is absolutely not required - we want good people who are interested in learning. The most important trait for all our developers is having initiative, curiosity and self-drive.

We are working in an agile environment, where testing and pair programming is part of our work. Experience with this way of working is helpful.

Experience with several different programming languages is also helpful - especially low level languages such as C, Rust or Golang. However, this is not a requirement - as long as you are interested in learning.

All the work we do is open source and free software - and we are active parts of these development communities, so experience with this kind of environment is also good to have.

The kinds of projects we take on range from very low level all the way to user centered. Knowledge about operating systems, network stacks, and protocols will also be useful in CAD.

Since we are looking for people with different experience levels, none of these are absolute requirements. We are most of all looking for good developers that quickly can pick up new things.