What is a PET Night?

It might sound like an evening where we talk about our cats, dogs or other pets. But that’s not the case. PET stands for Privacy Enhancing Technology. This is a name we use for tools, algorithms, protocols and other things that can help protect your privacy. In 2015, a team working on these kinds of tools decided to start a regular meetup for discussing them with a wider audience, and this event got the name “PET Night”. The idea is to discuss many different topics related to privacy protection in these events. Sometimes we will discuss how regular people can protect themselves better, and other times how to build a cryptographic protocol. The goal is to spread practical knowledge about how we can improve the security of our society through this kind of technology.

Our events


PET Night - Digital Hygiene: Passwords

First talk of a series that we have called "Digital Hygiene" that will be focused on learning practices that will help improve our security. This time, we will learn more about the use of passwords in a safe and secure way.