We are CAD - Centro de Autonomía Digital!

We are a group of people passionate about digital privacy, security and anonymity. We work on these issues from Latin America and Europe. We are an NGO incorporated in Ecuador and Spain with the purpose of making the internet a safer place for everyone.


The ideas behind CAD started about five years ago. Several of the people behind CAD were working for a private company, and got approval to put together a small team to improve the state of privacy and security in the world, working purely in open source and free software. This team worked for several years, making contributions to projects such as Enigmail, Tor, OTR, Let's Encrypt and many others. The team also created new tools, such as Gosecco and CoyIM.

In 2017 we decided it was time to separate from the private company, and we started up the CAD NGO in Brazil and Spain. In late 2018 we decided to move our Brazil office to Ecuador instead.


The goal of CAD is to create tools and techniques that help improve the privacy and security of people all around the world. We love to help existing projects, but will sometimes also create new things when nothing exists that fulfill the needs we see.

For the next year, we are planning on taking on problems with the internet core infrastructure. But we also want to have teams helping other projects out there. This help can be anything from working on implementing new functionality, fixing bugs, writing tests, refactoring and improving the code base, or improving the user experience.

But the focus will always be on privacy, security and anonymity for people. Our work will always be open - free and open source or creative commons where it makes sense.