CAD is a non-profit organization working to improve privacy, security, and anonymity of individuals and collectives around the world. We do this primarily by building open source software and open hardware.

CAD is currently getting started in Quito, Ecuador, and we are looking for people to join us here. We have several open positions described in the list below.

For all roles, we are looking for people that respect diversity, have a collectivist mindset, are self-driving and have an interest in privacy and security - and the political role that privacy plays in the world. Further, being able to communicate in English is needed as well. We are an international organization with collaborators around the world.

If any of the following roles sounds interesting to you, please don't hesitate to contact us! And if you're uncertain if you have the right experience, but this all sounds interesting to you, contact us and we can have a conversation. Email us at: contact [at] autonomia [dot] digital.

CAD is looking for a Lead Developer. Within CAD this role implies having the responsibility of lead the technical work of a team, being able to guide and help the members of his team to grow, while designing the technical architecture of the solution and is part of the software delivery.

CAD is a horizontal and non-hierarchical organization. Here, a Lead Developer is not a person who gives orders, but a person who collaborate with the team, help them grow and together, find the better solutions

We work with the Agile methodology, with flexible planning, daily synchronization, pair programming and testing. These are values important for our culture and the work we do. All the code we develop is open source and free software, which it means that we also often collaborate with communities around the world to meet your needs in the best possible way.

The work we do focuses mainly on safety and security, privacy, and will often involve the development of low systems level, networks and operating systems. Most of the software that we develop will be far from typical business systems.

We work in a complicated and messy field, and sometimes this can lead to complex environments. A Lead Developer in CAD will have to help navigate in the midst of that complexity and guide the team through it.

Required Skills / Experience

  • Leadership of smaller teams.
  • Mentoring.
  • Experience with different programming environments.
  • Experience in software systems architecture.
  • English, medium level.

Optional skills / experience, but beneficial for CAD

  • Agile methodology.
  • Low level programming.
  • Security, privacy, cryptography.

Again, if the role above sounds interesting to you, please don't hesitate to contact us! Email us at: contact [at] autonomia [dot] digital.