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CAD is a non-profit organisation that educates and creates privacy enhancing tools. We research a lot around crypto, privacy and security, so we thought: why not share it with the community?

This is the result of this thought. The content is primarily focused on advanced topics, but we also have some for beginners! For now the newsletter will be in English, but we have some ideas for having future content in Portuguese and Spanish!

If you have questions or want to discuss any of the topics, we will happily receive your comments via email (contact [at] autonomia [dot] digital) or you can join our IRC channel #cad (on OFTC).

We hope this is useful for you.


  1. Hackers vs. Testers: A Comparison of Software Vulnerability Discovery Processes by Daniel Votipka, Rock Stevens, Elissa M. Redmiles, Jeremy Hu, and Michelle L. Mazurek.

  2. Dan Boneh talking about the difficulties of implementing cryptography

  3. Encrypted Server Name Indication for TLS 1.3 draft-rescorla-tls-esni-00


  1. Deniability and Secure Messaging. The State of Secure Messaging: Ratchets, Keys, and Metadata by Nikita Borisov.

  2. Deniable Authentication on the Internet by Yevgeniy Dodis.

  3. Consistent Synchronous Group Off-The-Record Messaging with SYM-GOTR by Michael Schliep, Eugene Vasserman, and Nicholas Hopper.

  4. Privacy risks with Facebook’s PII-based targeting: auditing a data broker’s advertising interface. Blog post by The Morning Paper.

    Paper by Giridhari Venkatadri, Athanasios Andreou, Yabing Liu et al.

  5. DKIM and validation of emails by Robert Graham.

  6. Privacy Pass: Bypassing Internet Challenges Anonymously by Alex Davidson, Ian Goldberg, Nick Sullivan, George Tankersley, and Filippo Valsorda.


  1. MPC in general by Nigel Smart.

  2. The Moral aspects of Cryptography by Phil Rogaway.

  3. Keys Under Doormats by Harold Abelson, Ross Anderson, Steven M. Bellovin, Josh Benaloh, Matt Blaze, Whitfield Diffie, John Gilmore, Matthew Green, Susan Landau, Peter G. Neumann, Ronald L. Rivest, Jeffrey I. Schiller, Bruce Schneier, Michael Specter, Daniel J. Weitzner.

  4. On Post-Modern Cryptography by Oded Goldreich.

  5. The Uneasy Relationship Between Mathematics and Cryptography by Neal Koblitz.

  6. Another Look at “Provable Security” by Neal Koblitz and Alfred J. Menezes.

For beginners

  1. An Overview of Cryptography by Gary C. Kessler.

  2. Pairings for beginners by Craig Costello.

Extra cool stuff

  1. Black holes and class groups by Nathan Benjamin, Shamit Kachru, Ken Ono, and Larry Rolen.

Thanks for reading! If you want to ask further questions or discuss any of the topics, we will happily receive your comments via email (contact [at] autonomia [dot] digital) or you can join our IRC channel #cad (on OFTC).