In September 2017 two different NGOs - Centro de Autonomia Digital in Brazil, and Centro de Autonomía Digital in Spain were founded. We started out with 12 people - most of whom worked together in the past. Our head quarters are located in São Paulo. The goal was to create an organization where we can work on the issues we really think matters in digital privacy and autonomy.

There are many organizations doing similar kinds of work, but not many operating out of the global south. We wanted to be different, both in funding sources but also what kind of themes and issues we work on - and what kinds of organizations we call friends.

Now it’s 6 months later, and we have most of our infrastructure in place. We have made good progress on our first project - finishing the new OTR specification - and we are gearing up to hiring more people and start new projects. Exactly what those projects will be, we don’t know yet. But our main goal is to provide better privacy and anonymity for as many people as possible in the world. We urgently need it!